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Top 10 : The mystery of the attractions

Top 10  : The mystery of the attractions 

No 10: snowman - Yeti (The Abominable Snowman).
This facility is located in Asia. In the valley of Himalayas in the Yeti, this place has been found in Boulder City Post Double Snow Man, known in England-in the Yeti has a long history, most of the story of the monkey of the mountains. It is involved in the passion, legend, religion and trade, those who have the illusion that it is secure. The data were analyzed. Tracks were recorded and verified facts. It was organized by the legendary record it and check the facts. It was a legendary pioneer in the late 1950s and 1960s, but now the organization in existence, it seems to be strong every day. It also is one of the greatest monsters of the Himalayas. A legend among the people of Nepal. The Sherpa people who live on high mountains at a temple in the shadow of Mount Everest when the pastor told the crowd that usually visit the Yeti is a day in each year.
มนุษย์หิมะ - เยติ (The Abominable Snowman)

No. 9: The lines in C Car (NAZCA LINES: NAZCA, PERU).

Places to be flying to South America. In the southern desert. Highlands of Peru. Marvel at the mystery of this line of sorts, and is skeptical of the source of all. Images with large dogs, spiders, flowers, whales, monkeys, ducks, and Nkkagpik on the south coast of Peru. As the indigenous people in the building for anyone thinking about tying the knot. I believe in the corridor to the water resources of the various tribes. Some believe that aliens use this place to land aircraft. Or it may be part of a complex astronomical calendar. This is not concluded. But it allows us to assume all those interested in painting, but it's better to post it. Because the lines are fading day by day due to the wheel tracks of the tourists who come to this place of the original negative has been almost exhausted.

ภาพลายเส้นนาซคา (NAZCA LINES : NAZCA, PERU)

 No. 8: The Bermuda Triangle (BERMUDA TRIANGLE: ATLANTIC OCEAN).

Magic and mystery that remains true to the story. To ruin the place. The Bermuda Triangle. Deadly mid-Atlantic. The area is not wide of Florida - Puerto. Rico - Island of Bermuda. It was there, five hundred thousand square miles. The Bermuda Triangle is an event that can not find an explanation as to the Triangle of Death that is absorbed and lost. Without a trace. I do not know why. The weather. And everything is normal there is no conclusive answer to the claim or incident. There is a mystery until now.
สามเหลี่ยมเบอร์มิวด้า (BERMUDA TRIANGLE : ATLANTIC OCEAN) 

No. 7: Horror fortress (The Tower of London).

This place is situated in London. A very famous. I know everyone. The Old City is a horror story was repeated. Because there is a place where the king, queen, royalty and peerage must pass all of his life here a lot.
ป้อมปราสาทสยองขวัญ (The Tower of London)

 No. 6: Oregon vortex (OREGON VORTEX: GOLD HILL, OREGON).

This facility is located in the United States. The place is a mystery, but it is an illusion that there is not. The magnetic cross in the ground. The power failure. When you stand in it to feel like a freak. The magnetic cross over each other. You can feel the pressure. It pushed me. And spin around until you can not tolerate the stretch or contraction breathtaking. This place is a mystery to the barn where everything is upside down. Your body is tilted. Ball rolling down the hill itself. Broom has been set. I want out of your experience with these bizarre. The real world. Everything is proved.
โอเรกอน วอร์เท็กซ์ (OREGON VORTEX : GOLD HILL, OREGON)

No. 5 : the strangulation murder of Boston (THE BOSTON STRANGLER: BOSTON, MA).
Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts United States Court of Zurich Narragansett puzzle (up from 1962 to 2001) and covered up the murder. Several years before being resolved. I recently brought a new investigation. Triggered the murderer to catch the real killer is used for? It is a world-class assassin who has been one of the greatest filmmakers. Its victims were mostly elderly. It works with up to 13 bodies, all were sexually abused. Sometimes bite. The heavy beat of the bar and the body taken as แผehla online. Remarkably, all the bodies are being strangled by his own example of the use of elastic stockings, underwear, etc., and tied in a bow tie under the chin to the victim. This was concluded by the confessed al v. Robert de LaSalle was a murder mystery is just beginning. When the family of a woman who died in evidence untrustworthy. The demolition was a mere guise of police. No responsibility for any increase in new cars is a real killer for you. View or brutal killer who continues to justice. It remained a mystery until now? Today, he is also open for tours to visit the murder of the victim, all with prices that are affordable.

นักฆ่ารัดคอแห่งบอสตัน (THE BOSTON STRANGLER : BOSTON, MA)

Loch Ness in Scotland the monster of Loch Ness in Scotland is not popular with animal shapes, strange Tennessee, a large, approximately 15 to 40 feet, often appear to be. time Many people do this to capture the monster. Then something is true. The mysterious movement of objects in this famous lake. I can not prove that something is. How many people to believe that Tennessee monster Lognes. Looks like a dinosaur with a long neck spines exists.

สัตว์ประหลาดแห่งล็อกเนส (THE LOCH NESS MONSTER : INVERNESS, SCOT

No. 3: mansion Winchester Mystery House.
Based in San Jose, California Association of America. Was built in the 19th century, it remains for a period of up to 38 years and in 1974 it was added to the heritage of the country. In addition to the construction of the Baroque, there is a haunted house as well. The estate is valued at U.S. $ 5.5 million dollars. Rooms 160 rooms and 4 floors (the seventh), cellar doors, double pane 950 thousand for the fireplaces, 47 rooms with 40 stairs (376 steps) and the other two banquet rooms as well as Sara. Build this house because I have to make the banquet a ghost. The strange thing is like a ladder up to the end. Door trick. Why not create a window that is currently available mechanisms are open to the general traffic. Tours include a tour during the day and night.


All the lonely island puzzle. Immense ocean. Mysterious, gigantic stone statues scattered over a full 800 across the island. And no one is. These sculptures come from? How do I create? It is the indigenous Polynesian people who settled on the 400 was built.

This case occurs when the year 1888, the Lane White Plains Live Music in London, England is still a mystery to type. And formidable than expected but still remains a mystery in our minds. Serial killer Jack the Ripper to capture the criminals did not. The brutal murder of several victims was consecutive to the story.

แจ๊ค เดอะ ริปเปอร์ (JACK THE RIPPER : LONDON, ENGLAND)

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