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Top 9 beautiful beaches in the world.

Top 9 beautiful beaches in the world.

"Sea" Things have been very popular in the summer "sea" is a long way to go is not easy, but it's not hard to understand and the efforts of the more difficult the more challenging it is to see "beautiful beaches". in this case means beautiful scenery and abundant natural resources. Free from any additives. Maintain the ecosystem.

9. seychelles."Seychelles Islands" or "Republic of Seychelles" Lights Tours Home of the Indian Ocean. 115 south to the island from the east coast of Africa. North of Madagascar. Sit back for a battery specially for tourists who love the beach, some sun deck.
8. Cape Town, South Africa.
"Cape Town" is a small town in southern Africa. Is the most beautiful and most charming cities in the world. Highlights of the city at the heart of the mountain is visible from all directions. The province is. A virtual table that is on earth. The mountain was named Mount Desk or Table Mountain.

7.Coronado Beach, California.
Amateur surfer to the beach and the Coronado Beach, California once. The waves crashed regularly. 

6.Cumberland Island, Georgia.
Cumberland Island, Georgia is unique in that it creates a shell at the beach fun. Initially, this island is rarely known. Hand until a successor was John F. Kennedy Jr. And Carolyn Bessette's wedding secretly visited here in 1996. 

5.Fraser Island, Australia.
The sea beat shore "Fraser Island" natural Australia Spelling eyes Twilha best. The island has wide sandy beaches in the world. Not far from the coast of Queensland.

4.Mykonos Island, Greece.
Visitors from around the world are often lost in the look of the architectural charm. Beaches, natural beauty, which is composed of artificial fill. The vibrant colors of the night night "Mykonos Island" has been the most popular islands of Greece.

3.Maya Bay, Thailand.
"Maya Bay" The island is noted that one of the most touching.
Maya Bay on Phi Phi Island Village is located. The second largest island of Koh Phi Phi. Krabi, Ao Maya, from the creation of nature. Of the erosion of the surrounding cliffs. Indented bay is a small crescent moon surrounded by limestone.

This limestone island located tens of kilometers from the coast. With the crystal clear water allows sunlight to the surface at the appropriate level. Larvae of the coral island on the rock pile in the middle of the bay. As time has gone. Scale-covered reefs around Maya Bay.

Maya Bay is the place to visit. To travel to town. The soft, powdery white sand beach. Water is emerald green. Atmosphere and natural surroundings, the sea covered with vegetation.

2.Harbour Island, Bahamas.
Add warm water to clean, clear waters of the Gulf. Harbour Island is a natural balance to the habitat of aquatic species. Adventurous travelers should not miss visiting the Bahamas. 

1.Ocracoke Island, North Carolina.
Patches of grass is spotty. Indicated that the abundance of sand of the beach at Ocracoke Island, a settlement of Europeans in the early part of the Outer Banks island of Ocracoke is the effort to keep the pressure force. The attractive nature of the quest.

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