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Wonderful "lake" from around the world.

Wonderful "lake" from around the world.

Five-Flower Lake - Lake five colors - Park Map TELL city of Chengdu in China. 

Text with color. "The five lakes" or Lake Mirror. The Paradise Glacier National Park Map TELL Gow. (Valley of the nine Tibetan villages) in northern Sichuan. Republic of China The park has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992 (2535) and as a Biosphere Reserve or World Biosphere Reserve since 1997 (the 2540), the beautiful colors of the color of the lake. Of calcium carbonate and the types of plants. The growth in the lake. The reaction that resulted in clear water. Visitors can see many things. The water is clear. 

Spotted Lake - Canada 

 "Spot Lake" Lake district highway. Town of Osoyoos. British Columbia, Canada has a range up to 38 acres (96 acres) This lake is called by some people as a native language "Klikuk" "Spot Lake" was named as one of the lake with the minerals. And some have been used to produce ammunition during World War 1, then even the mud and water in the lake also has the potential to treat disease.

The crater lake on the island of Flores de Kelis said in Indonesia. 

"On a limited cabinet" is a volcano located on the island of Flores. As part of the archipelago Sundangai. In Indonesia. Crater lake at the site of three colors: Tiwu Ata Mbupu Lake, located to the west and the blue. The lake is located on the east side of Lake Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai, which is green and the lake Tiwu Ata Polo are red, blue lake.

Boiling Lake - the sea (lake) water - the country of Dominica. 

"Boiling Lake" Lake blue-gray. Located in the Park "Morne Trois Pitons National Park", a World Heritage Site located in Dominica. (The Dominicans abroad), the lake is a hot spring that has the second largest in the world. (Second from Lake Frying Pan Lake of New Zealand) has a width of approximately 60 meters, 59 meters deep at the edge of the lake is about 82 to 91.5 degrees Celsius, but can not measure the central temperature of the boiling lake. (About a hot blast of mercury) in lake water levels are up - down time. To dry up and disappear. June 2006 (2549) and back in again. The water remains in the same burst. How to get to see the beauty of the lake on the need to "walk" through the sulfur pit. And hiking on the slopes, a distance of 13 km

Laguna Colorada - Laguna Lake Cologne Prada or Red Lagoon - Bolivia 

"Laguna Cologne Prada" Red Lake is a lake and shallow water. Located in the southwest of Bolivia. Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Park near the border of Chile. This lake contains borax, a white light at the Delta Nature Reserve, with the red of the lake from sediment and algae. The abundant food supply of birds, many species or Flamingo. 

Plitvice Lakes - Lake Plymouth bis Jose - Croatia. 

Across the lake bis word. As part of the park across the lake word bis (Plitvice Lakes National Park), consisting of descending lake up to 16 layers. And are separate from each other by a natural dam caused by the deposition of scale and a thick layer of moss, algae and bacteria in the years to spread growing. The dam lake has increased by 1 cm per year with an abundance of lakes, this is the habitat of wildlife species such as brown bears, eagles and other birds and some 140 species. UNESCO declared the park a better word bis across the lake. As a world heritage site since 1979 (2522).

Lake Titicaca - Lake criticism in Antigua - Bolivia and Peru. 

"Feedback in Antigua" located between the borders of Bolivia and Peru. The lake is above sea level, more than any other lake in the world (12,500 feet above sea level) and the largest in South America. (Considering the amount of water), with the enormous volume of water in the lake from the rain. Glaciers are melting. 5 major rivers and streams is small, but 20 of the channels drain water from the lake, this is just one way. The river flows into the Rio de San Augustine Springs Road exit, but only 10% of the total amount of water flowing into the lake only. The river flows into the other 90% of the remaining balance will be by nature, which is to "evaporate" away by the wind and the sun is a wizard.

Dead Sea - Dead Sea Lake - Jordan and Israel. 

Lake, "Dead" between Jordan and Israel. This is below sea level, but most of the sea. It is called the Dead Sea is landlocked and others. Over time, the lake is evaporating. However, the residual salt in the water in the lake salinity than the Dead Sea Scrolls. To 8.6 as the sea creatures living there. It was named "Dead" or lake of death it is said that salt and Dead Sea black mud from the lake which is rich in minerals. You are particularly useful as a therapeutic and beauty treatments. It has led to a mixture of many different products. 

Pitch Lake - Lake pitch - Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. 

"Pitch lake" La Brea in Trinidad is the major source of natural asphalt, the largest in the world. And a major tourist attraction and one of the country. Each year visitors come to enjoy the magic of the lake, nearly two thousand people, the scenery is beautiful. Pitch lake is also a major source of export cement. And the source of asphalt used in road surface and pour in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Nakuru Lake - Lake of guru - Kenya. 

"Sign In" Lake is a lake in the park free of drift in the Valley or the Valley and central highlands of Kenya. The water in this lake is. Just a few meters deep. It is rich in minerals, and blue-green algae. It is the delicacy of the bird's huge Pink Flamingo. The Flamingo's and birds. Surrounding area is also habitat of various bird species and over 400 bird species are considered as important as one of the world.

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